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FUJIFILM GFX 100 II Camera Body

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    Fujifilm GFX System defines what it means to think big—providing creatives with nothing less than perfection. A continuation of the groundbreaking GFX System cameras before it, GFX100 II builds upon previous-generation camera bodies by integrating the latest technologies.

    Larger than full-frame, GFX100 II offers the latest generation 102MP sensor propelled by Fujifilm X-Processor 5. Compared to similar previous-generation architectures, like those found within the GFX100 S, the package within GFX100 II provides a 30% increase in dynamic range compared to GFX100S & GFX100, improved 16-bit Raw quality, increased corner sensitivity, and ISO 80 as standard low ISO sensitivity.

    GFX100 II was engineered from the get-go to provide a new level of motion video performance, outperforming previous-generation GFX offerings, on a sensor outsized only by ARRI’s ALEXA65 motion cinema camera. GFX100 II provides 4K60P (no crop) and 8K30P (x1.44) recording, as well as 4:2:2 10bit Apple ProRes in-camera support, tracking autofocus, and F-log2 with 14+ stops of dynamic range.

    Professionals and advanced enthusiasts can get more out of the GFX System thanks to an improved workflow that supports Camera-to-Cloud powered by Frame.io, new focus map functions, and real-time waveform and vectorscope monitoring. The shutter mechanism has also been redesigned, allowing the internal IBIS to compensate up to eight stops of stabilizing compensation.

    GFX Systems culminates to form tools that can produce breathtaking bokeh, offer unrivaled tonality backed by FUJIFILM color science, and enable Cloud-First workflows. Most impressively, GFX100 II continues this tradition, achieving it in a relatively compact form factor at a stunningly low price compared to the competition.

    Features And Benefits

    • Upgraded Sensor and Processor, Up to 8 stops of In-Body Image Stabilization, Improved AI Autofocus Algorithms. GFX100 II’s new 102MP sensor and X-Processor 5 combination deliver astounding performance when it is needed most. Enhancements to internal subject detection and autofocus algorithms, propelled by artificial intelligence, allow image makers to accurately track moving subjects quickly and create 102MP still images at up to 8fps with the high-speed mechanical shutter. A updated 9.44M dot EVF with 120fps live view and 5fps of blackout-free monitoring lets photographers closely following the action frame by frame, while internal in-body image stabilization (IBIS) provides up to 8-stops of stability to help transform the way any image maker will make their next great image and share their next great story.

      ProRes Internal & External Recording. Internally record 4:2:2, 10-bit Apple ProRes, or use HDMI to record 12-bit 4:2:2 Apple ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW in resolutions of up to 8K for a seamless transition from acquisition to post-production. Accelerate a project’s delivery to color grading workflows in Da Vinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro without any need to transcode Original Camera Files (OCF).


      World First Mirrorless Camera with Variable GF Cine Crop. GFX100 II is the world’s first mirrorless camera to provide specified crops and aspect ratios for multiple cinema formats, which include GF Format, (Premista) Vista Vision, and 35mm FF. With a basic GF to PL adapter, cinematographers anywhere can now use GFX100 II’s massive imaging sensor with some of the world’s most legendary cinema optics, including Fujinon’s collection of Premista and Cabrio Zoom Lenses. For storytellers with wider aspirations, there are also two different high resolution 35mm FF Anamorphic recording modes that provide various de-squeeze monitoring options in-camera.


      World First Accessory Free Frame.io Camera to Cloud Integration for a Mirrorless Digital Camera. Embrace cloud first workflows and open lines of collaboration with GFX100 II’s World First integration for Frame.io Camera to Cloud and deliver photos or video straight to the cloud the moment after they are created. Utilize the built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN connection options to connect to Frame.io and deliver hi-res RAW or JPEG images, send h.264 video proxies, or upload 4k ProRes Video securely to any project for immediate review and consideration.



      Object Tracking, Waveform and Vector Scope Monitoring, SSD Recording, Red Frame, 19 Film Simulation modes, including REALA ACE. With upgraded movie performance and a focus on improved workflows, GFX100 II allows creators to go from an idea to the perfect image faster than ever. New in-camera functions for video include a new object tracking function for precise focus control, live waveform and vector scope monitoring, direct to SDD recording, and a visually prominent red frame around the live view are when recording. GFX100 II is also compatible with FAN-001, an optional cooling fan for extended creation time.

      Thanks to Fujifilm's legendary color science; image makers can also take advantage of spectacular film simulations directly within the camera. Inspired by decades of analog film development, image makers can choose the profile that best fits their mood or situation, invoking just the right emotion. With REALA ACE joining the pack, image makers now have an option that provides neutral color reproduction while providing high-contrast tonal gradations.

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