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Cambo Wide-RS 105mm Macro-Digaron HR Lenspanel Aperture Only (WRA-5105)

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    The Cambo WRA-5105 is a lens dedicated to the Cambo WRS/WRC in combination with a digital back with built-in Electronic Shutter. This lens is permanently attached to a WRS lens panel and has a focal length of 105mm, making it an ideal companion for dedicated studio and primarily macro photography.

    Based on the Rodenstock HR-Macro Digaron, which has been is optimized to operate with magnifications between 1:4 and 4:1, it features a floating element to ensure optimal performance at any set magnification. This lens has no built-in shutter, the aperture is manual, and there are no electronic connections available or needed.

    HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f/5.6
    The Rodenstock HR Digaron Macro 105 mm f/5.6 is a macro lens that offers exceptional sharpness and that was designed for the scale range from around 1:4 (β' = -0.25) to 4:1 (β'-4). Unlike conventional macro lenses, it can be continuously optimized to any imaging scale from 1:3 (β' = -0.3) to 3:1 (β'= -3) using a ring with very fine scale divisions. An internal lens element group (floating elements) is shifted for a perfect matching of the optical design to the respective imaging scale. The lens therefore produces a high resolution, exceptional contrast, and a minimization of chromatic aberration (color fringes) unsurpassed in the macro sector.


    6 has an image circle diameter of 82 mm over its total scale range. It can therefore be used with both technical cameras and system cameras of all professional sensor sizes. Even with very large sensor formats (36 x 56 mm and 40 x 54 mm) it still offers more than sufficient image circle reserves for camera movements such as parallel shift to avoid or to ameliorate converging lines and for a Scheimpflug lens tilt to extend the depth of field without excessive stopping down.

    Magnification Range
    The default focusing range is 25mm from infinity which results in a ratio up to 1:4
    • With an added extension of 25mm, the focus range is between 1:4 up to 1:2
    • with an added extension of 50mm, the focus range is between 1:2 up to 1:1.14
    • with an added extension of 75mm, the focus range is between 1:1.14 up to 1:1