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Cambo ACTUS-XCD View Camera Body

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    Key Features
    • View Camera for Mirrorless Capture
    • Monorail: 6.1", Bellows Extension: 4.9"
    • Includes Hasselblad XCD Camera Bayonet
    • Front Tilt & Swing, Rear Shift Movements
    • Geared Adjustment of All Movements
    • Quick-Slide and Geared Focus Movement
    • Zero-Position Clicks on All Movements
    • Arca-Style Rail has 3/8" and 1/4" Mounts
    • Interchangeable Bellows and Monorails
    • Supports Optional AC-78E Bayonet Holder

    Offering extensive perspective and focus control along with the convenience of working with your digital camera, the black ACTUS-XCD View Camera Body from Cambo effectively transforms your medium format mirrorless camera into a digital view camera. As the core component within a modular system, this view camera body serves as the primary piece from which you can pair a Hasselblad X1D with a variety of lenses to reap the benefits of geared camera movements for correcting perspective distortions, achieving an extended depth of field, or producing creative selective focus effects. While resembling traditional large format view cameras in function, the ACTUS system also echoes the compact form factor of the digital cameras it is designed to be paired with and is optimized for use in both the studio as well as on location.

    This view camera body is delivered with a 6.1" monorail as well as a 4.9" bellows to permit working with a variety of lens and camera types. The monorail is designed to fit within the Arca-Swiss style quick release system for easy mounting to a tripod, and is also fitted with both 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 mounts for attaching quick release plates. Optional lensplates can be added depending on your desired lens type, and the monorail and bellows is also interchangeable with optional wide-angle and longer versions of each. Additionally, besides the included XCD bayonet mount, other optional smaller format camera bayonet mounts can be used in conjunction with the optional AC-78E Bayonet Holder.

    Camera Movements

    A full system of movements offers extensive control over perspective and focusing settings. Geared on-axis tilt and swing movements are performed on the front standard and the rear standard permits geared rise/fall and horizontal shift movements:
    • Rear Rise/Fall: +0.5", -0.6" / +12mm, -15mm
    • Rear Shift: +/- 0.8" / 20mm
    • Front Swing: 360°
    • Front Tilt: +10°, -9°

    The swing and tilt movements of the front standard rotate about the optical axis in order to avoid having to re-compose or re-focus after each movement is applied.


    Camera Features

    • Revised rear standard features geared horizontal shift along with a removable bayonet holder that has been specifically designed for the physically larger mount size of the X1D camera system.
    • Both fine geared and quick-slide focusing adjustment types are available.
    • Bellows and monorail focusing allows you to achieve closer focusing distances without the use of extension tubes or other macro attachments.
    • Zero-position clicks are incorporated into each movement type for more intuitive handling.
    • Monorail is compatible with the Arca-Swiss-style quick release system and also features both 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 mounts.
    • Front tilts and swings allow you to alter the plane of focus for employing selective focus techniques or Scheimpflug settings for extensive depth of field. Additionally, these tilt and swing movements are used to correct for convergence and other perspective distortions.
    • Rear horizontal and vertical shifts allow you to move the camera position while retaining the same lens position, making this configuration especially ideal for stitching multiple exposures without having to adjust the lens.
    • The included Hasselblad XCD camera bayonet mount allows you to rotate between horizontal and vertical shooting orientations without having to adjust the actual orientation of the view camera body.
    • This black finish body is anodized for greater durability and scratch resistance.
    • Compact overall form factor is relative to the size of DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

    ACTUS System

    As the central component within the modular ACTUS system, this view camera body serves as the means to which you can attach a variety of optional lens plates as well as other camera bayonet mounts via the optional AC-78E Bayonet Holder. Additionally, besides the standard included bellows and monorail, a variety of optional bellows and monorails are available for wide-angle and close-focusing/macro shooting applications.

    Cambo ACTUS shown with optional lenses and optional camera body.

    The basic configuration of a Cambo ACTUS-XCD consists of a monorail, front assembly without lensplate, a rear frame with XCD camera bayonet and a detachable standard bellows which is part of the ACTUS configuration.


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