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ALPA 12 FPS Camera Body

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    The ALPA 12 FPS (focal plane shutter) opens the door into a new dimension: from the modular camera platform to the open toolbox. The ALPA 12 FPS is a shutter module when it is used together with another ALPA 12 camera. It is, however, also an independent camera when it is combined on its own with a back, a lens and a suitable adapter. This opens up the use of brand-new or fond old lenses from dozens of different manufacturers of optical systems – with or without a central shutter and with or without manual or electronic aperture control. Plus a free choice of format – only limited by the image circles of the lenses and by the sensor sizes. Naturally, not all lenses will work equally well with all backs. However, what is ‘good’ and what is ‘less good’ is a decision solely for the photographer or, if he or she is working according to a commission, naturally also for the customer. We see a new attitude toward many aspects of picture quality in this: away from the unedifying factionalism and toward the acceptance of subjective opinions and evaluations.

    The ALPA 12 FPS opens up the field of shift/tilt/swing/stitch in a wide range of variants and with the corresponding accessories to a whole new world which had previously hardly been possible, if at all. The whole system is controlled by a continuously expandable firmware in a concept which includes all previous ALPA 12 models, many lenses and almost all digital backs produced in the past ten years. A previously unknown variety of possibilities and combinations is opened up – a toolbox which the user can equip and utilize according to his or her own needs or while using already existing tools.

    *Camera body only

    Technical Specs

    Dimensions: (body alone) W: 204mm, H: 109mm, D: 33mm

    Weight: (body alone) from approx. 735g

    Weight: (ready for use) from approx. 2,180g (incl. lens, adapters, view finder, digital back, batteries, handgrip and depending on further attachments)

    Movements Integrated: none; tilt/swing and shift depending on lens/body combination in use.

    Hand Grips: available as an accessory

    Viewfinders holder for the Apple iPhone as an electronic viewfinder in combination with the ALPA eFinder app; optical ALPA viewfinder with a 120° angle of view; screen; separate computer; various third-party optical viewfinders with fixed focal lengths or with zoom.

    Compatibility as Shutter Module: with all ALPA 12 cameras: ALPA 12 TC, STC, WA, SWA, MAX, XY

    Shutter: integrated focal plane shutter (Mamiya): 1/4000s – 128s and T in steps of 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1 units; mechanical leaf shutters: ALPA 12 lenses in Copal shutter; electronic leaf shutters: depending on future shutter developments.

    Aperture Control (Depending on Lens): manual; electronical in steps of 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1 f-stops (with most lenses in Canon EF mount and Nikon PC-E lenses); further versions depending on developments in process.

    Operating Modes: system upgrade and future functionality via firmware upload by the user (USB stick/port) integrated self timer: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 60s; integrated bracketing: 1-9 frames | +, -, +/-, -/+ | manually triggered or automatically timed 1-9s; integrated RJ45 port for future use.

    Digital Back Synchronisation (Lemo 1 Pin and Nikon Screw-in PC Sync): ALPA Open Sync Language: most digital backs with or without latency, the definition language will be published; double sockets (Lemo 1 pin and Nikon screw-in PC sync) for increased fallback security and use with various user cabling; Flash sync: various modes, 1st/2nd or multiple curtains.

    Display integrated: very bright transflective LCD display for optimal reading even in bright sunlight; modes: automatic turn off during exposure (visual exposure control and elimination of stray light during exposure), manual on/off, rotatable by 180° with automatic adjustment of the relevant navigation keys.

    Lens Mounts (Mind the Correct Flange Focal Distance to Reach Infinity): ALPA 12, Canon EF, Hasselblad V, Mamiya 645, Nikon F, others will follow or can be used with additional third party adapters.

    Power Supply (Lemo 4 Pin): worldwide available and pro grade Sony L series batteries (type NP-F550/570/770/970 compatible), battery set consisting of travel battery charger with exchangeable plugs and battery; power supply unit with exchangeable plugs for international use (sold seperately).

    Remote triggering (Lemo 3 Pin): separate plug socket for external trigger, handgrip trigger and third-party triggers like Pocketwizard.


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