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Hasselblad XCD 25V F/ 2.5 Lens - 20% Downpayment on $3,699

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    Embrace the expansive view and eternalise the captivating interplay of light and shadow. The XCD 2.5/25V has a wide-angle focal length equivalent to 20mm and a maximum aperture of f/2.5. This lens furthers Hasselblad's legacy of stellar optical performance, turning nocturnal cityscapes, starry skies, and indoor portraits into extraordinary captures. It integrates the classic V-series design ethos with intuitive, user-friendly functionality, exuding elegance, both in its aesthetic and control.

    Broaden the Horizon, Capture Light and Shadow

    The wide-angle view at a 20mm-equivalent focal length encompasses a wealth of environment and subject details, granting ample compositional and expressive space. The f/2.5 large aperture, coupled with Hasselblad's consistently excellent optical performance, enables the XCD 2.5/25V to encapsulate rich highlight and shadow details within its frame, capturing the hidden wonders even at dusk or after dark. 

    Masterful Optical Design, Excellence Near and Far

    The XCD 2.5/25V features an optical structure of thirteen elements in ten groups, including four aspherical elements and three ED elements, meeting the high-resolution requirements of 100-megapixel sensors. This ensures images are sharp and crisp from the center to the edges while effectively suppressing chromatic dispersion.

    With its precise optical design, the XCD 2.5/25V maintains a compact body while offering superior resolution, colour fidelity, and a large aperture. Compared with the XCD 4/21 with an f/4 maximum aperture, the smaller and lighter XCD 2.5/25V boasts a f/2.5 maximum aperture.

    The XCD 2,5/25V's robust close-up capabilities also showcase its exceptional optical quality. Its minimum focusing distance is 25cm with a maximum image scale of 1:5.8. When shooting, the wide-angle view aids in flexible composition, while the large aperture accentuates the subject, enhancing the expressiveness of close-up subjects like gourmet dishes and flowers.


    Elegant Design, Effortless Control

    The metal lens body features the "V" insignia at one end, with the "H" logo print engraved on both the focus and control rings. This detail carries on the Hasselblad XCD V series' classic design ethos with refined elegance.

    ‌A gentle push and pull of the focus ring triggers effortless switching between AF and MF modes. ‌In MF mode, intuitive scale marks on the lens body keep focus distance and depth of field clear at a glance, enabling precise focus control.

    The control ring can be customized for quick access to preferred functions, allowing you to capture the perfect moment with ease.


    Precise Drive, Swift Focusing

    Thanks to its linear stepping motor and a smaller, lighter lens group, the XCD 2.5/25V provides a nimble and responsive focusing experience when paired with the X or V system's medium format digital cameras that support PDAF.

    The linear stepping motor can accurately control the movement of the focusing lens group, thereby improving the focusing precision.

    The lightweight and compact focusing lens group can move rapidly, ensuring swift and accurate focusing.


    Fast Leaf Shutter, Flexible Light Manipulation

    The XCD 2.5/25V adopts a large-diameter leaf shutter module with a shutter speed of up to 1/4000s. It enables both global shutter and flash synchronisation at all speeds, which is particularly advantageous for flash photography. For instance, in bright daylight conditions, the flash can be used to darken the surroundings, highlight the subject, and crisply freeze motion.